2016 Honda SXS500 Pioneer

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    2016 Honda SXS500 Pioneer
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    Brenny's Motorcycle Clinic, Bettendorf, IA 52722

 The Honda Pioneer 500 (SXS500) It is Honda’s first entry into the 50-inch SxS / UTV market which is a corner of the market that is growing year after year as not everyone wants a “full-size” side by side that you have to purchase a trailer to haul out to the trails. You also have some trail-heads that aren’t allowing the typical side by side on their trails and they are putting up 50″ posts so only ATVs can ride on those trails and with a 50″ side by side ATV like this you’re able to ride where others can’t.  

The Pioneer 500 is a brilliant concept: Like a full-sized side-by-side, it lets you take a passenger along and has the off-road capability to get you where you need to go. But the Pioneer 500 is a new take on the SxS formula: it’s narrow, fits on tight trails, is fun to drive, and easy to load into a full-size truck bed.    With the Pioneer 500, you have a compact, affordable and fun side by side. The steering-column-mounted paddle shifters add to the fun, while the Pioneer 500’s 50-inch width lets it fit on recreational trails with width restrictions, as well as in the back of a full-size truck. And its tight 13-foot turning radius reflects its agile handling. From long-time off-road enthusiasts to new side by side drivers, the Pioneer 500 will become an instant favorite. Some people are concerned by the power output of the 500 cc engine and it’s top-speed on the Pioneer 500 but that’s not what this side by side ATV is all about. I’ve driven some of the 100+ horsepower SxS / UTV models out there and to me the Pioneer 500 is a lot more fun. It can’t hold a candle to them in acceleration or performance number comparisons etc but you can’t judge the “fun factor” of a machine by spec-sheet shopping. The paddle shifters is where all the fun lies! Instead of the typical side by side where you just hit the gas and go, you actually get to be more involved with the machine on the Pioneer 500 slamming through the gears. You also have to think about our trails here in the southeast… We don’t have the open sand dunes like the guys out west where you can really open up those 140+ horsepower UTVs and see what they’ll do. You’re lucky to get up to 40-45 mph around here before you’re hard on the brakes trying not to clip a wheel on a tree, boulder and so on.  This one is like new with only 79 miles / 23 hours.  Built with Honda reliability, ride Red!!!

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