2007 Kawasaki 500 Ninja EX500

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    2007 Kawasaki 500 Ninja EX500
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    5,225 miles
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    Brenny's Motorcycle Clinic, Bettendorf, IA 52722

For an all-around bike that will not drain your energy reserves like wrestling around a much bigger bike can -- or drain your wallet, for that matter -- Kawasaki's EX500 Ninja seems a remarkably easy decision to make if you are in the market for a fun, light, do-it-all bike.   The ergonomic package Kawasaki has put together is very good for a wide verity of different sized riders.  Even the smallest of riders are able to reach the controls comfortably, no doubt aided by adjustable clutch and front brake levers that Kawasaki has installed on it.

Sure, it's a good idea to start out on a Kawasaki EX250, a Honda Rebel 250 or something similar. But what was once a thrilling mode of transportation can eventually become nothing more than a tool as a rider becomes more proficient and the machine (not the rider's skill level) becomes the limiting factor. Then it becomes time to step up to something a little larger that will allow you to pursue the outer edges of your personal talent envelope with help from a comfortable, confidence-inspiring motorcycle.

The new GSX-R750? Well, it sure looks the part. No need to jump the gun, though, and step right into the fire. After all, you're trying to grow your skill, and convenance level. As capable and sexy as a race replica is, it's still way too much bike for most people. Don't rush, take your time. Even working up incrementally in engine size can substantially increase the usability and fun of a machine.

Kawasaki's EX500 Ninja fits the bill nicely,  the machine started attracting not only beginning riders, but also people who wanted a low-maintenance, high fun bike.

The Ninja 500 gets its propulsion by way of an eight valve (four valves per cylinder), liquid-cooled 500cc parallel twin that features liquid cooling. The motor ingests its fuel/air mixture through a pair of 34mm CVK (Constant Velocity Keihin) semi-flat slide carburetors before that mixture gets ignited by a digital ignition which is microprocessor controlled. Power makes its way to the rear six-speed unit that features something that all new riders love: Kawasaki's exclusive "positive Neutral Finder." With this as part of the transmission, any time you're at a standstill in first gear and wish to click into neutral, just lift the gearshift lever and you'll be where you want to be every time, Thanks Kawasaki!!     The EX500 is a fun bike,that is less intimidating than the larger bikes and has more power than the smaller bikes. Novice riders will find that the 500 has a good balance between power, performance and ease of riding, which will give novice riders room to improve their riding skills. Plenty of power if you are a long time rider too. Just a good all around package. We did install a new rear tire on it too!!    All of our pre-owned bikes & ATVs have been serviced by our factory trained mechanics, and will have fresh oil changes,and a full checklist has been completed. Also,we check all charging systems. When you get a bike or ATV from us, it is truly ready to ride! Be sure to visit brennys dot com to see this, and other motorcycles and ATVs! We are your one stop store for your all your powersport needs!


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